six stages of building a house with us

For many homeowners, it is difficult to know what to expect during our building process. If you feel overwhelmed while researching for a reputable builder, you are definitely not alone! Our experienced consultants understand this and work tirelessly to ensure that your house building process will be a smooth and drama free experience.

We have broken down the house building experience into six straightforward stages, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and can start planning accordingly.

Stage one

Conception and brainstorming

After purchasing your desired block of land, the real fun begins!

During this stage you can discuss exactly what you want to include in your home with our team while keeping in mind any budget or site restrictions.

We always start by getting to know our clients by asking them to think of a basic brief for their project. (For example: how many bedrooms/bathrooms/car spaces/living areas/special features and etc).

Please note that a site feature and re-establishment survey is required by our team before we can proceed with a basic sketch of the project by a building designer or architect. They will have to take into considerations all land restrictions (such as covenants, overlays, easements and any rules set out in the building code).

A basic sketch of the project will include:

  • Basic dimensions on site and floor plans
  • Area analysis on dwelling, garage, porch and alfresco areas (m2)
  • Simple elevations showing land gradient

We believe in being 100% upfront and transparent with our costings: At this stage, our team will provide a written cost estimate using Housespec standard nominated products.



After ironing out all the details in the earlier stage, our architect will proceed with town planning approvals which will involve advertising and potential community consultation.

This stage will involve either an application for a planning permit, secondary consents or council dispensations depending on the nominated design.

If the project is a multi-unit job, we will most likely be required to produce a landscape plan together with civil engineering designs (this will be done by engaging external consultants who are experts in their respective fields)

STAGE three

Documentation stage

Once the sketch and/or town planning has been approved, we can proceed to the “working drawings stage”. The documents required for this stage are:

  • 7-star energy report
  • Geotechnical (soil) report
  • Structural engineering
  • Construction drawings from the building designer/architect (Site plan, floor plan, sections and elevations)
  • Council property information

Stage four


We are more than halfway there! Time to pull out your Pinterest board, this is undoubtably our client’s favourite stage. Prior to contract signing, we will go through:

  • Full colour and product specifications
  • Floor coverings (Carpet, timber, tiles)
  • Plumbing fixtures (Taps, basins, toilets etc)
  • Electrical Appliances (Cooktops, oven, rangehoods, dishwasher, fridges etc)
  • Confirmation of hot water units, air conditioning, heaters etc
  • External colours (Windows, bricks, roof tiles, metal roofing, cement sheeting)
  • Internal colours (Wall, ceiling, timber, door paint colours etc)
  • Full kitchen and joinery consult (Custom joinery designs, bench top selections etc)
  • Complete internal elevation design (bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, robes, linen etc)
  • Tiling consult with our supplier’s interior designer
  • Building permit application: Application for building permit to a Registered Building Surveyor of your choice. This eliminates any potential issues with the design prior to construction

Stage five


This stage is a relatively simple yet absolute essential part to every built. Here, we submit applications for:

  • Electrical: To ensure that the electrical distributor can provide enough supply for the demands of the home. It is also to confirm the cost of the pit from the electrical distributor
  • Water: To obtain approval from the water board and to confirm a fixed price for the sewer connection as well as any water meters required

Stage six

Pre-contract stage

After this step everything comes to live. A standard HIA New Homes contract will be provided to tie all the details of the build.

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